Molding Solutions

We stand behind our biodegradable cutlery, tooling, plastic molding manufacturing, and small injection molding machine to produce superior results every time. Amdek Inc has produced different plastic products and delivered to diverse businesses in the medical, and electronic industries among others.

Injection Molded Parts

Amdek Inc has an inventory of cutting edge molding machines and materials to accommodate your needs such as our unique plastic molding kit. We work closely with you to ensure that your molding design specifications are followed. In our pursuit of excellence and outstanding customer service, we continually improve our craft and train our contractors for the latest trends and updates.

Printing/Injection Machine

Our Process

Throughout the years, we have discovered what works and what doesn’t. Our consultation stage ensures that your plans and designs are carried out in detail. Getting you involved in the early stages of production optimizes results. We have proficient contractors who can assist you in all phases of our production. From design and prototyping to cost projections, expect a hands on approach in our services.

Molding – You can rest assured that your tools are in good hands. Our experts in precision molding and engineering that grade materials have a quality first, cycle later attitude.

Engineering – From concept to finished product, ergonomic design and F.M.E.A. is used throughout. We have the experience and capabilities to ensure success on time.

Tooling – We specify all components ensuring a lifetime guarantee on all tools we build and run.

Secondary Options – Component assembly, decorate, and custom fulfillment.

Production Stages



This is the phase where we set our goals and determine product application, its uses and performance. Our adept technicians will also suggest cost-effective designs that will maximize its performance.



This is where injection molding begins. Injection molding is a low cost process that yields moderate to large quantities of products. This is a versatile process as it produces an extensive range of parts with outstanding results. Most 2D and 3D shapes can be achieved using injection molding.

quality inspection

Quality Inspection

This phase pays attention to tolerances and performances. Amdek Inc conducts a thorough assessment of our products before turning them over to our clients.

Amdek, Inc. has the capacity to work competently with different industries from medical to electrical and turn their concept into reality. Allow us to help you produce large quantities of customized products. Contact us today!