Amdek Inc. proudly provides professional printing services and high quality products with the support you deserve. We have over two decades of experience and expertise providing cutting edge packaging products and packaging design.

Amdek Services

Packaging Solutions

Amdek, Inc. uses the newest prototyping technology to speed up our process. We provide custom solutions for your packaging dilemmas. Take advantage of our technical expertise, high quality equipment and efficient services. Amdek Inc stands behind our operational support and quality engineering to deliver top-of-the-line packaging solutions. Allow us to help increase your sales with our customized packaging service.

Custom Injection Molding

We have an inventory of materials and the most advanced plastic injection molding machine to complete your custom injection molding and thermoplastic molding project. We have serviced different businesses from various industries with the aim of providing maximized customer service. At Amdek, Inc., we continuously improve our processes to ensure optimized results.

Seamless Process

Whether your project is large scale, long term or small, we work with you from concept to completion. Our years of extensive expertise and experience allow us to develop seamless procedures with wholesale printing that ensure efficient production and superior quality of products and services. We put our name on the line in everything that we do. That is how confident we are in our products, equipment, process and workforce.

Pad Printing

From medical, electronic, to any contract industries, Amdek Inc has delivered top of the line pad printing services in the region. Pad printing involves transferring a 2D image to a 3D object. This is especially useful for printing unusually-shaped objects.